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Final Fantasy II
of Empires and Rebellions
FFII Character Profiles 
28th-May-2010 09:13 pm
From old Japanese gaming books you've never heard of! Yes, these profiles appeared in a pair of books (RPG Fuuunroku - Record of RPG Elements and RPG Jinmeiroku - RPG Directory) back in the late 80's. While they don't really add too much to the game, they are interesting tidbits of information nonetheless. I sepated the characters into two groups (Playable and NPC) just to break it up a bit. All info is under the cut

Playable Characters

Firion has the only odd profile. Everyone else either fits into one of two formats.


Age - 18
Sign - Aries*
Blood Type - AB*
First Appearance - Altair
Hometown - Fynn**
Personality - Sincere
Love - Maria
Friends - Leon and Guy
Forte - Training and studying
Goal - To overthrow the Palamecian Empire
Weakness - Feminine charms, Maria
Favorite Color - Transparent
Enemy - The Emperor

*He is also listed as Leo/O. No, I don't know why they couldn't decide on one.
**According to the novel, he was born in Salamand and was adopted by Maria and Leon's parents after his own died.


Age - 17
Sign - Sagittarius
Blood Type - B
First Appearance - Altair
Hometown - Fynn
Body Type - Supple
Personality - Active
Love - Firion
Friends - Firion and Guy
Forte - Archery
Goal - Learn White Magic
HP - Average
MP - High
Favorite Color - White
Favorite Food - None in Particular
Enemy - The Emperor


Age - 16
Sign - Leo
Blood Type - B
First Appearance - Altair
Hometown - The wild
Body Type - Muscular
Personality - Gentle
Love - None
Best Friend - Firion
Forte - Physical Combat
Goal - None in Particular
HP - High
MP - Average
Favorite Color - Earthy browns
Favorite Food - Meat
Enemy - The Emperor


Age - 21
Sign - Aries
Blood Type - O
First Appearance - The Dreadnaught
Hometown - Fynn
Body Type - Stiff
Personality - Cynical
Love - None
Best Friend - Firion
Forte - Usurping
Goal - To become Head Bodyguard
HP - Very High
MP - Low
Favorite Color - Black
Favorite Food - None in Particular
Enemy - The Emperor


Sign - Capricorn
Blood Type - A
First Appearance - Altair
Hometown - Fynn*
Body Type - Average
Personality - Dedicated
Love - A Secret Unrequited Love
Friends - Firion and company
Forte - Canoeing
Goal - Learning the Ultimate Spell
HP - High
MP - Extremely High
Favorite Color - White
Favorite Food - Everything
Enemy - The Emperor

*According to the novel, he was born in Mysidia


Sign - Scorpio
Blood Type - O
Role - Guide through the snowy plains
Hometown - Salamand
Personality - Family man
Love - His wife
Friend - Paul
Forte - Hand-to-hand Fighting
Goal - Obtaining Mythril
Weakness - His daughter, Nelly


Sign - Aquarius
Blood Type - B
Role - Timid prince with an inferiority complex
Hometown - Kashuan
Personality - Hard on himself
Love - Hilda
Friend - Firion
Forte - Heavy drinking
Goal - Marrying Hilda
Weakness - Falling into self-loathing


Sign - Aquarius
Blood Type - B
First Appearance - Paloom
Hometown - Paloom
Body Type - Supple
Personality - Spirited Sailor
Love - A Secret!
Friend - Firion
Forte - Piracy
HP - Average
MP - Average
Favorite Color - Aqua
Favorite Food - Ale
Enemy - The Emperor


Sign - Pisces
Blood Type - A
Role - The last practicing Dragoon
Hometown - Deist
Personality - Level-headed
Love - Elena
Friend - None
Forte - Speaking to wyverns
Goal - Overthrowing the Palamecian Empire
Weakness - None



Sign - Virgo
Blood Type - O
First Appearance - Altair
Hometown - Fynn
Body Type - Beautiful
Personality - Strong, but kind
Love - Prince Scott
Friend - Minwu
Forte - Organizing people
HP - Low
MP - None
Favorite Color - White
Enemy - The Emperor


Sign - Pisces
Blood Type - AB
Role - A helpful thief who shows up unexpectedly
Hometown - Unknown
Personality - Strong sense of duty
Love - None
Friend - Josef
Forte - Sneaking into places
Goal - Being a great thief
Weakness - Sense of duty and empathy


Sign - Gemini
Blood Type - O
Role - A petty man only after power
Hometown - Fynn
Personality - Sly
Love - None
Friend - None
Forte - Betrayal
Goal - Supporting the Emperor
Weakness - Incompetence

And yes, you will notice that Borgen got one while Mat did not. Why? I do not know. Because people didn't think there would be fans 20+ years later who cared about this, I suppose
30th-May-2010 03:43 am (UTC)
Heh, wow, that is... interesting. Especially the part about Minwu and Leila both having a secret love. o_O There were a few times when I thought the game might be trying to hint, about as subtly as an 8-bit plot can, that Leila liked Firion (given how she tries to talk him into going off with her and becoming a pirate at the end). And Minwu... well, I guess his love has to remain unrequited given his role in the plot which might make an interesting setup for pairing him with one of the other SoR characters.

I'm kind of... oddly amused by Firion's favourite colour being listed as "transparent." I don't know why, it's just funny.

Did they mention in the books where the profile information came from? I remember a guidebook for FFVI that came out around 1994, apparently directly translated from a Japanese one, which had really similar profiles for the characters-- zodiac signs, blood types, likes and dislikes and so forth. But I've never come across some of that information anywhere else, aside from, I think, some of the birthdates. Do the game designers just mail this stuff around in press kits to guidebook writers or something?
31st-May-2010 05:02 am (UTC)
Yah, Leila is pretty obvious. Minwu... my guess would be Hilda but in the dark corners of my fangirl mind... I wouldn't mind if it was Scott.

I must admit that I am not in possession in these books but got the information from both FFII [The Promised Land] and The Final Fantasy Terminology Directory. I assume that S-E gave the information to Manaita Sanzou, the author.

BTW, the last link is very dangerous since I went looking under the "Books" section and found out that "Nightmare's Labyrinth" is only one of the FFII novels. There are actually three others ones - "The Struggle of General Borgen" which covers the seige of Deist to Borgen's deadth, "Setting off for Victory" a retelling of the game from the prespective of a rebel solider from Gatrea named Midd, and "Treasured Dragon" ...which wanders pretty far into AU territory with Maria as the princess of Fynn.
31st-May-2010 09:20 am (UTC)
"Treasured Dragon" ...which wanders pretty far into AU territory with Maria as the princess of Fynn.

...o_O Wow, I'm guessing Square didn't have much to do with the writing of that one. It's pretty strange that FFII got all the novelizations while the more popular titles in the series didn't. Though, I think there was a tie-in manga for III, so... I wonder if some of the lesser-known ones might have been some kind of byproduct of the "let's make money off this franchise any way we can" mentality that a lot of people in the 80s seemed to have towards video games. I remember tie-in novels for various video games, in the US, that all seem to have been products of the late 80s (generally aimed at children, though). The fad for them only seemed to last a few years. (Though I think my brother still has one somewhere; it was a Choose Your Own Adventure type of thing.)

The retelling from the rebel soldier's perspective does sound interesting, though-- as does the siege of Deist, if they went into any detail about it. I think that I'd view most of it as being essentially professionally written fanfiction, but that isn't necessarily bad-- I mean, plenty of TV series get tie-in novels which are basically that.
31st-May-2010 05:14 pm (UTC)
Yah, I think that this all smacks of pro fan fiction. Doesn't stop it from being very interesting though.

In "The Struggle of General Borgen" the Emperor leads the seige of Deist and the destruction we see in the castle is said to be the result of the Meteor spell. In addition, Mysidia is not spared from the destruction and is destroyed in the same way.

As for "Setting off for Victory," that sounds like a far more interesting book. The new main characters are similiar to and yet distinct from those in the game. I think the next post I will do will be a translation of the overview from the Terminology Directory overview.
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